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5K Training Plan

Doctor Andrew Murray is back with his top 10 tips to run 5km!

Research shows that any form of exercise is good – everything counts, and something is better than nothing.  Why not be a part of the Legacy and help someone get active in 2014, or even make regular exercise a part of your life. Modern day life is busy, but we can limit our inactivity to 23 ½ hours per day.

The first few steps outside the front door are always the hardest- especially when the weather is terrible or I feel that there is too much else to do but I hardly ever regret it once I’m out there.

A few of my friends are thinking of doing their first 5km run/ walk. Here are the top 10 tips I’ve heard to go from couch to 5km:

•Enter an event- it’s always great to have something to focus on

•Get a suitable pair of shoes and socks

•Build it up slowly, alternating walking and running decreases the number of running injuries when you’re starting out

•If you’re busy, try making walking/ cycling or running part of your commute

•Build it into your routine- if you’ve planned it, you’re more likely to do it

•Expect tough days- but remember each step is a step to health

•It’s often more fun as part of a group- join a club, there are even online clubs like that are great for sharing ideas and getting tips

•Encourage friends to join you

•Take your camera phone in a Ziplock bag- there’s almost always something worth catching

•Remember to smile for the photo at the finish!!

Keep your eyes peeled for a couch to 5km training program – this will get you ready to run 5km in a mere 8 weeks, even if you’re a couch potato at the moment!

Andrew Murray is a GP, and is working as a Sports Medicine doctor at Glasgow 2014.  He works as a doctor with the SportScotland Institute of Sport, having previously been employed as the Scottish Government’s first Physical Activity Champion. As a runner, he has run 2660 miles from John O’Groats to the Sahara and won races in places including the North Pole and Outer Mongolia. He runs for Merrell UK.



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