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Team Strathmore's Libby Clegg shares her story

Watch the video of Libby's story

Doing more is sometimes daunting. If you’ve never run further than the bus, 5k can seem like a very long way! If getting on the treadmill seems like a big step, however, just think of Libby Clegg.

She has a condition known as Stargadt’s Macular Dystrophy, which means she only has peripheral vision in her left eye. She’s registered blind, and has overcome bigger obstacles than many of us will ever have to face, and yet has dedicated her life to running and doing more. A silver medalist at the 2012 London Paralympics in the T12 100m sprint, she’s hoping to go for gold in Glasgow this year in the 100 and 200 metre events.

Like many of us who want to do more, though, she couldn’t do it alone. Encouragement and guidance is there in the shape of Mikhail Huggins, her running partner. “Running blind can be really scary,” she explains in her new film, produced exclusively for Strathmore, “but with Mikhail it makes me feel really safe. We don’t want to let each other down.” If you’re inspired to do more this summer, don’t think you need to go it alone. Take inspiration from Libby and find the right help you need to do more and get active.


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