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Do More with three easy changes

Personal trainer Paul Love of ToughLoveFitness explains

Finally, the summer is starting to show itself! For too long during the winter are we stuck in the 3 boxes of life; the house, the car and the office. But now all the excuses of it being too cold, too wet and too dark are behind us and it's time to be better versions of ourselves. 

Firstly, fear not; I'm not going to get all Military Drill Sergeant on you! 

You will have no doubt heard these before:

take the stairs instead of the lift/escalators,
park an extra mile away from work and walk the difference,
join a team for group motivation and support,
join a gym... 

I thought so – heard them all before, but how many people actually follow through?

When I started out in the fitness industry, all those many moons ago, I worked for a national health club. I remember laughing at how long people would take to find the closest parking space to the front door – as long as 10 minutes in most cases – only to save themselves a few extra paces! Then they would come in and run for 5 miles on a treadmill...

Crazy, right? The truth is the human organism is a machine that needs fuel and as such the clever body that you have will always choose the easiest and least demanding way, simply so it can save fuel. So you can tell your friends you aren't lazy, you're EFFICIENT!

Furthermore, the usual do more advice is boring and mundane, so I don't blame you for having never given it a second thought. I don't know one person who has ever deliberately parked a mile away from work.

Well fear not, Paolo 'Tough' Love is going to tell you what you can do to actually follow through and Do More!

1. Eat More... 
Dieting has traditionally been thought of as doing without. Well I'm telling you to do exactly the opposite. In order to 'move more' the body needs fuel otherwise in it's own so very efficient way it will start to hold onto valuable fuel in the form of fat storage. Listen to the voice of reason in your own head take some responsibility and if in doubt avoid all foods with a shelf life of over a week...

2. Drink More...
Again, not rocket science and nothing new but probably the most important piece of advice I can give you. The body is made up of 70% water - in other words, it is essential for life! When we are dehydrated the body will begin by shutting down all non-essential systems and we become lethargic. By simply drinking more water you will add an extra spring to your step! Aim for a minimum of 3 litres of water per day! It may seem like a lot at first, and the toilet stops will increase in the beginning BUT the natural feeling of vibrancy and health will far outweigh these short-term drawbacks.

3. Sleep More...
Pretty simple this one. Just imagine only getting 3 hours sleep then waking up to lift some weights, go for a jog or be that hero that takes the stairs instead of the lift... Not going to happen, is it? Screen glare prevents quality sleep, so empty your room of all electrical devices, turn off the TV and computer 1 hour before bed and make sure to get 7-9 hours quality sleep per night.

There you have it. Three alternative, hopefully unexpected, very simple and easy-to-implement changes to your daily routine to help you feel ready to Do More!

Paul Michael Love is a strength and health coach based in Newcastle. His personal experience combined with his training and knowledge means that he can produce the best results for his clients. 




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