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Do More with Strathmore!

We’re racing through the year, and it’s not long to go until the much-awaited Commonwealth Games kick off.

Strathmore is proud to be the Official Water Supplier to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, and sponsor of Team Scotland.

The world of sporting competition is incredibly motivating to watch, with its ability to nurture international interactions, embrace sportsmanship and celebrate greatness, encouraging people to Do More.

But why should the concept of Doing More be restricted to global sporting heroes? Do More with Strathmore is here to prove that anybody, regardless of age or ability can get into the sporting spirit and take steps to change their own lives in the process. There’s no reason why each and everyone one of you can get in on the action in your own way.

When people think they need to “Do More”, they immediately think about running a marathon or cycling from one end of the country to the other. But, doing more can be anything from taking the stairs more often to doing a brisk 20-minute walk in the morning. We’ve challenged a few people to Do More in their own lives, so keep following to find out how doing more made a huge differences to their fitness and wellbeing. Why not take up a new activity yourself? We’d love to hear about how you Do More, and how it’s affected your fitness too!

In the meantime, we’ll be bringing you stories to inspire, ideas to get active, and exciting competitions. You’ll get an exclusive insight into the motivational stories of athletes, helpful fitness tips from trained professionals, plus chance to win some prizes to help you Do More!

Join us as we look forward to The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, and be inspired to Do More with Strathmore.


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